An excellent kid's mentor.


My daughter attended Nim' s Creative Writing program. During the session, Nim engaged the kids in a very friendly and positive manner. Each time as she explained the concepts, she confirmed that the kids had absorbed it well. My daughter loved all her sessions and is ready to enroll for more in the future.

Nim is a wonderful educator as she establishes a lovely relation with every child and encourages everyone to participate and contribute their thoughts.


I was pleased to see my daughter actively taking part and unfolding her imagination while expressing them beautifully in her writing.

It was great to view my child’s improvement in her writing skills as she expanded her vocabulary and developed her thinking process.


Thank you so much Nim 😊


Bageshree Kolwalkar


I would recommend your creative writing programme to everyone needing help with writing skills.I found you were very patient considering age of students and answering any of the silly questions my son had! My son found these sessions very interactive and engaging.I was very sceptical whether my son would sit and gain anything from sessions as he always used to run away if it was anything to do with writing! On the other hand, he actually used to look forward for the sessions every week. I've see huge improvement in his imaginative and story writing skills post these sessions.I can now see his confidence building up. 

Nim you're a great coach and you're writing strategies will help my son for lifetime ! 


Nitika Jain

Student Paper Writing

Your program was very interesting and exciting for the kids. It was an interactive session with the kids and that made the session more enjoyable. Your approach enabled the kids to bring out their creative ideas and views on a particular scene or picture. It improved their vocabulary and helped them get a better understanding of the structure of a good story. Thank you so much for the effort taken to enhance their creative writing skills.

Lakshmi Satish Kumar

My boys (aged 7 and 11) both thoroughly enjoyed their online writing classes with Nim, they always looked forward to having the weekly class. They find Nim to be very warm, approachable and easy to understand. I could definitely see that they have used the skills gained from these classes in their current school writing subjects. We will definitely do  more classes with Nim in future 😊


Nina Aujla

My son was preparing for a speech in school when he enrolled for Nim's Creative speaking classes. This helped him understand the importance of eye contact, body language, use of Onomatopoeia and other nuances etc. Nim was able to highlight his areas of improvement and his strengths. It helped him make an effective speech and it was well received by both his teacher and friends. Thanks to Nim for her guidance."

Vinaya Patil


Nim Gholkar is a wonderful author. The creative sessions organised by her are really good. My daughter who was bit apprehensive about it at first, but she enjoyed it so much... she was so excited and motivated to write. Nim gives a thorough feedback on the writing skills and makes the session so much fun and positive.Will definitely look forward to having more sessions with her 😊

Evneet Kaur

Nim's course for creative writing was just the antidote we needed for our 10 year old son as he was getting stuck for ideas, blank spaced for continuity and development of stories or general writing. Nim gave specific pointers to start with an idea, develop the story line, how to structure and overall develop his vocabulary skills .
She engages with my child on their level, eases them into the course and my kid loved it at the end.
Couldn't recommend her enough!

Thank you Nim for your help.


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